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Welcome to A.R.T. Feng Shui Consulting

Our mission is to share with you the beauty and wisdom of feng shui

About Feng Shui


Feng shui (translated as Wind and Water) is about harmony and balance in our environment. It is a body of knowledge based on 5,000 years of human experience, both practical and spiritual.  Feng shui is the art of creating an environment that elicits positive thinking, focus of the mind, progress and prosperity at every level of our life.  Combining an ancient tradition, science and mysticism feng shui is remarkable both in its clarity and effectiveness.

Feng Shui For Modern Living


In a world of rich diversity life is the movement of energy; a philosophical view in which scientists, scholars and sages all agree.  By stimulating the flow of energy and restoring its natural balance we can vastly improve the quality of our lives. Harmonizing your personal energy with the energy in the environment places you in harmony with the forces of nature and in turn, results in a healthy, happy and prosperous life.


Feng shui addresses life's issues in a comprehensive manner where the awareness of the relationship an individual with that of the living and working environments becomes a powerful tool.  Areas of the home and office reflect our inner energy and goals. The act of altering the physical space in which we live and work is an extremely powerful generator of change.


Bringing the principles of feng shui into your life contributes to an exciting process of building a reservoir of spiritual energy.  It is similar to a well of water, which represents a reservoir for the maintenance of life.  This reservoir is used for replenishment, support, comfort, creativity, and harmony.  When this reservoir is absent or dry, even everyday routines can feel like a struggle. 


Feng shui introduces a new perspective as to how you view and manage your working and living environment.  Feng shui offers a wonderful array of possibilities to enhance your environment through the replication of nature’s balance and harmony.

Feng Shui

A Feng Shui Consultation


The search for information on feng shui opens up an incredible volume of resources.  With so many books on the subject, magazines, television coverage, it would seem easy to use and implement.  However, putting together little bits of information from an article or book and applying it with the best intentions, can prove to be haphazard.

There are several feng shui schools and systems, which use the same basic elements and assumptions.  However, they are different in their definitions and methods. Combining them can be quite complicated and confusing at times since that can take years to understand and use appropriately. 

To achieve positive results feng shui adjustments need to be based on a thorough feng shui analysis of your individual circumstances.  A.R.T. Feng shui consulting offers guidance that goes beyond quick superficial feng shui makeovers.  In our experience this has proven to be the most beneficial method in determining how feng shui will work for you.

The A.R.T. Feng Shui Consulting team will ensure that the changes you make are relevant to your situation and produce a desired outcome: a harmonious environment that promotes your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

No “quick tips” on Feng Shui

While we recognize that the internet offers an incredibly powerful communication tool, we also make a conscious decision to avoid the temptation of creating an abridged feng shui guide.

Our extensive understanding and practice of feng shui has demonstrated to us that quick feng shui suggestions can often be misleading.  This results in misinformation and confusion rather than enlightenment and improvement. 

If you would like to explore feng shui in depth, we suggest a bibliography of the best books on feng shui, which have been written by our teachers and colleagues.

If you are searching for a professional feng shui consultant, A.R.T. Feng Shui Consulting team would be delighted to discuss with you the feng shui services that we provide.

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